Tesla Autopilot 8 Is Here and Formula E Is Coming to Brooklyn: Your Week In Car Tech

The Drive looks back at the most important news in automotive technology.

byAaron Brown|
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This is The Drive's newest recurring roundup, Your Week In Car Tech. It's your place to find the most vital automotive technology news floating around the industry.

Formula E Racing Is Coming to Brooklyn

The FIA confirmed on Wednesday that the electric, open-wheel racing series will be coming to the Brooklyn waterfront in July 2017.

Chinese Hackers Remotely Compromise the Tesla Model S

Hackers in China found a vulnerability with the Tesla Model S that allowed them to break into the car's systems when the vehicle was connected to Wi-Fi. Once they were inside the car's computers, the hackers were able to fiddle with to the car's brakes, wipers, door locks, mirrors, and other parts.

Apple Is Probably Maybe Not Buying McLaren

The automotive world collectively gasped on Wednesday when the Financial Times reported Apple was in talks with McLaren about buying the British sports car company. McLaren later confirmed to The Drive that it "is not in discussion with Apple in respect of any potential investment." Your guess is as good as ours.

U.S. Government Makes Progress With Self-Driving Car Regulations

Chevy Announces Official Bolt Pricing

Chevrolet announced on Tuesday that its soon-to-be-released electric hatchback, the Bolt, will start at $29,995—after the federal government's $7,500 tax break for EV buyers. And if you live in a state like Colorado that offers additional tax benefits, you could save thousands more.

Tesla Rolls Out Autopilot 8.0

Tesla began sending out over-the-air updates to its cars on Wednesday night. A major component of the upgrade was the updated Autopilot technology, which Tesla is calling Autopilot 8.0. The system has several new safety features integrated to help prevent overly-confident Tesla drivers from relying too much on their almost-self-driving car's computer while behind the wheel.

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