Wireless Tesla Model S Chargers Are Almost Here

Aftermarket inductive charging system should be ready within weeks.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
Wireless Tesla Model S Chargers Are Almost Here

While Elon Musk's team of wizards worked wonders in developing an electric sedan with few of the limitations that afflicted EVs in the past, the Tesla Model S still has one big limitation: Like all electric cars, it has to stop and plug in every so often. A new wireless charging system for the Model S from Plugless doesn't change the whole stopping part, but it does make the whole soaking-up-electrons bit as easy as remembering to park in the right space.

Buyers of the Plugless electric charger for the Tesla will score an inductive charging mat and a reciever mounted under the front of their Model S designed to suck up power and send it to the car's battery. Capable of pumping out 7.2-kW of energy, the charger can add 20–25 miles of range for every hour the Tesla sits over it. Plop one down at home wherever you normally park at the end of day, and by morning, even a Model S packing the big 85-kWh battery will be pretty much topped off and ready to rock.

At this point, astute Tesla-maniacs may be wondering, "Hey, Tesla makes bigger batteries than that." Yes—but the 90-kWh (and potentially larger secret ones hiding beneath some Teslas) batteries only come in cars equipped with all-wheel-drive. Unfortunately for Tesla owners who live in wintry climes, the Plugless charging system coming online in the next few weeks will only be for rear-wheel-drive models. Models packing the "D" will have to wait until later this year to receive the gift of Plugless inductive charging. That said, Plugless touts its inductive chargers as capable of handling all weather conditions, with the Model S charger reportedly able to handle temperatures from 0° to 122° Fahrenheit—so if you're the kind of soul who enjoys driving a RWD car in the snow, the current system should work just fine. 

Plugless says the transmitter can be plugged into any dedicated 50-amp circuit (though it recommends having an electrician install it if you want it outdoors); the company will stick the receiver on your Model S as part of the package. And best of all, going wirless doesn't mean sacrficing the ability to plug in, so you can still top off with Superchargers on those long road trops. 

But if you have a desire to cut the cord for your Model S, better hit Plugless up ASAP. Fire off a reservation for the system now, and it'll only run you $2,440; wait until you can buy it directly, and the company says you'll probably have to fork over around $3,290 for the charger. And should you be nervous about forking over four figures for a new way of powering up your daily driver, Plugless also offers a three-year warranty and a 45-day return policy, with shipping included.