Drive Wire: June 21, 2016

Is Tesla Secretly Adding Power to the Model S P90D?

byThe Drive Staff| PUBLISHED Jun 21, 2016 4:35 PM

Update, 1:10pm: Tesla has told The Drive that it cannot confirm any changes to the Model S's powertrain, and horsepower and torque figures for the Model S P 90D Ludicrous remain as stated on the carmaker's website.

For today's installment of Drive Wire, The Drive is discussing reports that Tesla Motors may have secretly bumped up the power output of some of its top-tier Model S electric cars. The Model S P 90D with the Ludicrous Speed upgrade has consistently been shown to make around 450 kW of power in the past, but copies of the car made within the last few months have been in independent testing shown to generate more than 490 kWwith reports coming in that the newest versions are both faster and have a longer range than older, ostensibly identical cars. Could this mean Tesla is sneaking bigger batteries into its cars than it claims? Find out about that and more, in the video above.