Overheard at Pebble Beach Car Week: Day One

Innuendo, blind items, gossip, and snark.

byThe Drive Staff|
Overheard at Pebble Beach Car Week: Day One


The winning couple at the Quail.

, Alex Roy

"That was a Rolls I napped in last night, right?"—Man in t-shirt, the Quail

"You know the biggest problem with Ferrari owners? They gone all Lamborghini."—Browser in seersucker, at the Quail

"I was thinking about getting a Regera. Am I too fat to fit?"—Morbidly obese man, to Christian Von Koenigsegg

"Uh, we can make a seat for you, sure."—Koenigsegg

"Listen to that exhaust note. Know what that sounds like? Pure depreciation."—Skeptical man in fedora, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

"I was going to go but they only gave me fourth in line. I tried to get 2nd but they told me someone else got there first."—Bonhams buyer rep, at the Quail

"Oops. I'm second."—Other Bonhams buyer rep

"If you keeping eating like that you'll break your new lap band."—Wife, to husband, at the Quail food tent

"Bro, you buy one of these and you'll be a bigger douche than you already are."—Friend of a mohawked man, looking at a Pagani Huayra, at the Quail

"Is that Michael Strahan?"

"No. Don't be racist."

(It was Michael Strahan.)—The Quail

"This place is so colonial chic."—Woman in Dior, the Quail

"This place is so colonial chic."

, Alex Roy