Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Pricing Released and Mercedes-Benz Flirting With Electric Sprinters: The Evening Rush

Plus, a loud waterproof bluetooth speaker and Oakley sunglasses on sale.

byMax Goldberg| UPDATED Jun 18, 2019 6:27 AM
Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Pricing Released and Mercedes-Benz Flirting With Electric Sprinters: The Evening Rush

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Toyota has announced pricing for the new Tacoma TRD Pro; as it turns out, the faithful pickup is slowly rising in price. The Tacoma TRD Pro will start at $41,700, and pricing can climb to a little more than $43K. As you might have guessed, the TRD Pro will be ready for off-road action, thanks to a beefed-up suspension that includes sweet Fox shocks.

Mercedes-Benz is flirting with the idea of an Electric Sprinter van—which is definitely something we could get behind. Unfortunately, it's not likely to happen until the end of the decade. But we'll keep an eye on the story; hopefully we'll hear more as this Benz transitions from concept to reality.


China is winning the traffic game today, as their road-straddling bus is finally up and running. Rather than crowding the city streets with another conventional bus, this concept travels high up in the air, well above the traffic below. Unfortunately, the vehicle is currently just a prototype, limited to a 1,000-foot stretch of road.


If you are in the market for a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with two eight-watt drivers and twin subwoofers then you are in luck (and a little picky). The VaVa Voom 20 Bluetooth speaker is the perfect solution for your next water-based adventure. Capable of blasting music for 10 hours straight, you won’t be found void of sound.


Don’t stress about choosing between grill fuel options; rather, embrace the variety with the Volcano Grill. With three different fuel options (gas, charcoal, wood), the Volcano allows users to hone their grill skills and cook up a perfect meal. Plus, it collapses down to just five inches tall.


Today’s beer pick takes us to Santa Adairius Rustic Ales in Capitola, California. Focusing on creating a well-balanced yet simple brew, SARA takes a lot of their inspiration from Belgian-style beers. If you are near the brewery, we recommend you pick up some Lucybelle Saison.

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