Watch This Electric Corvette Set a New World Record at 206 MPH

The Genovation GXE remains the fastest street-legal electric car in the land.

That’s one small step for an electric car, one giant leap for electric car-kind. Late last week, the Genovation GXE became the world’s fastest street-legal electric car, blasting up to 206 miles per hour on an old space shuttle runway with a high-pitched scream and the sound of painted fiberglass whipping against the humid Florida air.

In fact, the Genovation GXE cranked off not one but two record-setting runs that on July 28th, both in the hands of driver Johnny Bohmer at the three-mile-long Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds. An early pass took the car a hair past 189 mph in the standing mile, just enough to break the old record—which had been set by Bohmer and the GXE a few months back—while a second run brought the car up to 205.6 mph. Which, through the magic of rounding, works out to roughly 206. Which, as seems apparent, is really, really fast.

To whip up the GXE, Genovation took a C6-generation Corvette Z06, ripped out the 505-horsepower 7.0-liter V8 beloved by man and beast alike, and replaced it with a pair of electric motors. Borderline heresy, sure, but since the resulting car reportedly cranks out around 700 hp and 600 lb.-ft of torque and can blast from 0 to 60 mph with Tesla-like ludicrousness, we’ll allow it.

Sharp-minded readers may recall that The Drive has mentioned the Genovation GXE Corvette a couple of times before—once back in March, when it accidentally set a new top speed record of 186.7 mph while testing at Cape Canaveral, and again last week, when word broke that Genovation would be aiming to break the double-ton in its quest for the title of world’s fastest street-legal electric car.