Teaser Shows 2022 Ford Maverick Compact Pickup Will Have Hybrid Version

That tiny badge on the tailgate is very easy to miss, but it clearly says “HYBRID.”

byChris Tsui|
Electric Vehicles photo

In case you missed it, Ford has confirmed that it will debut its all-new compact Maverick pickup truck on June 8. One thing you may have missed was the presence of a tiny "HYBRID" badge on the tailgate as spotted by an eagle-eyed commenter as well as Car and Driver

Watch that teaser video again. The one where Gabrielle Union is carrying a box of what I'm gonna go ahead and presume are all of husband Dwyane Wade's accumulated NBA trophies and rings to a garage, which opens up to reveal the tailgate of the new Maverick. Look closely and there is indeed a little badge on the bottom left that undoubtedly reads hybrid. It's a little hard to make out from the full rear-end shot but here's a screengrab of a partial close-up that reveals the letters "BRID".


So, there you have it. The Ford Maverick will either be a hybrid or at least have at least one hybrid variant. I mean, it's not the most shocking thing in the world. It is a new car in 2021, after all.

"We're not sharing any additional information ahead of June 8," a Ford spokesperson told The Drive when asked about the hybrid badge.

The hybrid Ford Maverick won't be the first or only electrified truck in Ford's lineup, of course, as the company has hybridized its F-150 with that truck's PowerBoost variant and recently debuted the electric F-150 Lightning. For full details on the 2022 Ford Maverick, check back here next week.

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