Watch 18 Minutes of 8×8 Off-Road Trucks Conquering Every Obstacle Imaginable

Big trucks, big torque, big… wipeouts.

byJames Gilboy|
Trucks photo

As kids, we never really needed a special reason to get our toy trucks (and ourselves) covered in mud in the backyard. Imagining being behind the wheel of a big truck in some faraway land seemed good enough. Though most of us forget how to think like this as we age, it seems this sentiment never left the Czechs, for whom growing up seems to consist of merely increasing the scale of the trucks they play with.

Take for example this off-road series Truck Trial CZ, an extreme overland championship mainly for ex-military hardware. The series offers classes for everything from Unimogs to Urals, and of course, even Tatra T813s—heavy-duty 8x8 vehicles with all-wheel steering and past lives as everything from artillery pieces to fire trucks.

via Facebook | K4 Movies

T813s, in particular, are showcased in a spectacular video of a Truck Trial event uploaded to Facebook, depicting the series' June 2018 visit to Stráž pod Ralskem in the northern Czech Republic. Therein, T813s can be seen rumbling up and down what the series' website calls "abnormally difficult terrain, sometimes artificial," consisting of everything from ditch crossings to off-camber hill climbs and descents.

While these events are ostensibly competitive, as there's a points structure in place, the pursuit of victory is little more than a rationalization for getting to Point B in the first place. It's not something everyone's doing to win—sometimes people just want to know if reaching the finish line is even possible.

"It is a sport that is about [...] how to overcome the seemingly insurmountable," reads a translated passage from Truck Trial CZ's website. "Because the frontier [sic] that one thinks is insurmountable is, in fact, much, much further."

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