Interested in the Future of Transportation? Check Out CoMotion LA LIVE With Us Next Week

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good panel on EVs and mobility.

byPatrick George|
Interested in the Future of Transportation? Check Out CoMotion LA LIVE With Us Next Week


Here at The Drive, we love a good old-school Honda hot hatch or vintage dump truck as much as the next person. But what we're ultimately concerned about is the future: how will we get around? What will power the vehicles of tomorrow? Will humans even drive them, and if so, how much? And what about our roads, which are terrible everywhere? If you're a car enthusiast, you should care deeply about the answers to those fundamental questions. 

Even though you're stuck inside like the rest of us, here's a great way you can do just that: Next week's CoMotion LA LIVE event, which has gone virtual thanks to the pandemic. 

While we've had a dearth of auto shows and other industry events thanks to COVID-19, this one is shaping up to be a big deal anyway. It brings more than 2,500 participants from 75 countries together to discuss the future of cars, driving, city design, public transportation, mobility and more.

And your favorite car website (us, The Drive) has been tapped to be an official media partner for the event. We hope you'll join us for some of the discussions that will take place next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 17-19

Sign up here for tickets: the limited access general admission tickets are free, but for the full experience, access to all sessions, speeches, panels, and demos, archives and recordings and networking opportunities, it's $145. 

Here are a few events that you may care about: 

  • Peter Rawlinson, CEO of EV startup Lucid Motors, will sit down with the Los Angeles Times' Russ Mitchell to discuss the company's ambitious plans and the "mobility revolution" 
  • The "critical mass" around EV companies in California like Karma, Fisker, Canoo and more, and what needs to be done to sustain and support them
  • How moped sharing and bike sharing may be the next big thing for mobility, and what North America can learn from Europe on that front
  • What happens to the future of urban design in the age of COVID-19 and beyond

All things we care about. We hope you'll tune in. Click here for more, and check back on The Drive next week for more coverage.