Ford Recalls 271,000 F-150s and Acura Starts Producing the 2017 NSX: The Evening Rush

Plus, a great first aid kit for your next adventure and Patagonia boxers.

byMax Goldberg| PUBLISHED May 25, 2016 9:59 PM
Ford Recalls 271,000 F-150s and Acura Starts Producing the 2017 NSX: The Evening Rush

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Ford is recalling a hefty 271,000 F-150s for brake issues. According to reports, brake fluid may leak causing the front brakes to become compromised. This recalls affects all 3.5L V6 F-150s built in 2013 and 2014.

Slow clap for Acura as the first production 2017 NSX just rolled off the assembly line. The coveted vehicle now belongs to Rick Hendrick after he won a $1.2 million bid for the first NSX. We are glad to see these puppies are finally in production.

Most of you have probably seen clips of the movie Tokyo Drift and it appears the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department might have as well. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police has recently taken hold of several fully-equipped 350-horsepower Nissan 370Zs to help combat traffic violators.


If you are planning on taking a roadtrip or offroading this weekend, invest in a solid first aid kit just in case things go south. Although there are hundreds of different first aid kits out there, a pack from My Medic is best-equipped.

My Medic

In the height of allergy season, you can never have too many air purifiers. The Molekule Air Purifier is the perfect solution to all your allergy problems, using Photo Electrochemical Oxidation to purify the air.


Today’s beer pick takes us to Hanniker Brewing Company in Hanniker, New Hampshire. Founded in 2011 and based around a love for their hometown, this small brewery is all about cranking out great beer for friends to enjoy.

Have you ever tried capilene boxers? If the answer is no, stop what you are doing and order a pair of Patagonia capilene boxers immediately. It's like you are sitting on a cloud. Fortunately, Patagonia is currently selling these godly articles of clothing for 40% off.