You Can Now Tour the Ferrari Museum on Google Maps

Skip the trip to Italy. Make yourself an espresso and take a virtual walk-through instead.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
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Have you been saving up for a plane ticket to Italy for the specific purpose of seeing the Ferrari Museum? Well, thanks to Google Maps, feel free to move all that money into your beer fund, because you can now tour Maranello's museum from the comfort of your preferred ass cushion.

In fact, the Google Maps version of wandering through Museo Ferrari offers quite a few perks when compared to exploring the museum in the traditional analog fashion. For starters, since Google's cameras went through the space when there was no one else there, you never have to worry about catching a whiff of garlic breath from some mouth-breathing Ohioan as he elbows his obese frame past you to take a selfie with Eric Clapton's SP-12. You don't need to fight the temptation to reach out and touch Giles Vileneuve's 1981 126 CK. And best of all, you don't need to fork over €15 per person to enter the place.

Google Maps

Of course, you do miss out on a few things by choosing the Google Maps version. You won't have the chance to play around with the museum's Formula One driving simulators, watch any of the movies looping in its theaters, or try to change a tire. (Seriously, that's one of the activities listed on the Ferrari Museum's website.) But hey, it's free. And it gives you a chance to scope out some seriously esoteric pieces of the car maker's history. Exhibits like the Ferrari Sigma, the GG50, and a design model of the LaFerrari are just the tip of the iceberg.

Trying to move virtually between the two floors of the museum is difficult to do, so to save you the embarrassment of yelling at your computer in the middle of the office, we've included separate links for each floor. You're welcome.

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Google Maps
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