Fetty Wap Injured in Weekend Motorcycle Wreck, Remains “Gucci”

He can ride with his baby. But can he ride?

byBen Keeshin|
Fetty Wap Injured in Weekend Motorcycle Wreck, Remains “Gucci”


Johnny Nunez/WireImage

On Sept. 26, the rapper Fetty Wap was hit head-on by a car while overtaking it on his Suzuki motorcycle. According to his management, Wap is being treated at an undisclosed New Jersey hospital and is in stable condition. The crash happened only one day after Fetty Wap released a self-titled debut album, which features hits like “Trap Queen,” ”679” and “My Way.”

Via Twitter, Wap’s friend and DJ, Louie Styles, reported that “Wap is Gucci.”

Many doctors who work in emergency rooms refer—in jest, in gravity—to motorcycles as “donorcycles,” after the propensity of riders to deliver up corneas, kidneys and other organic materials for donation. That is, whenever a car and a motorcycle interact, the loser is usually behind handlebars. But, luckily for suburban teeny-boppers, Trap Queens and the kings who love them, Wap emerged largely unscathed, with photos showing him alert after the wreck and sitting in the hospital with only a splinted leg.

Wap has been issued three summonses by his hometown, Patterson, New Jersey, for driving without a license or insurance and failing to produce a vehicle registration card. We could not get word from Wap, but imagine he might recycle a line from his top hit, “Trap Queen”: Everybody hating, we just call them fans, though.