You Can Still Buy a McLaren P1 GTR with Zero Miles On The Odometer

The price? Oh, we’ll get to that.

byWill Sabel Courtney| PUBLISHED May 3, 2016 8:43 PM
You Can Still Buy a McLaren P1 GTR with Zero Miles On The Odometer

If you spent the days after McLaren sold out of P1 GTR track cars moping around your house like Charlie Brown, well, the Great Pumpkin must really have taken a shining to you. As long as you're not too picky about color—and you have a deep pot of liquid assets on hand, naturally—you still have a chance to pick up a McLaren P1 GTR with zero miles on the odometer.

Actually, make that zero kilometers. This P1 GTR is a Euro-spec car, located at a dealership called Lysdahl Simonsen in the tiny city of Silkeborg, Denmark. According to the website, the Big Mac was registered back in October of 2015 but has apparently spent the last six-plus months hibernating through the harsh Danish winter.


This particular example of McLaren's 1,014 horsepower anything-but-road-legal supercar comes clad in a very sunny shade of yellow, with black, sunspot-like accents and a red tow hook proudly protruding from the front bumper like a bloody nose. It's also tastefully adorned with Mobil 1 logos above the boomerang-shaped headlamps and Pirelli logos on the front fascia, should you forget what sort of motor oil or tires your very, very expensive track weapon requires.

Have you noticed how daintily we've been dancing around the issue of how much this pristine P1 will cost? Well, that's because we didn't want you to leap up from the computer and run screaming around the room until the end of the story. The asking price for the P1 GTR in question is 29,770,000 Danish krone—roughly $4,600,000 at current exchange rates. That's about 22 Corvette Grand Sports more than the car would have cost if you'd ordered it from the factory. Oh, and don't forget about Denmark's 150 percent sales tax on expensive motor vehicles.

You may now commence with the screaming.