Not One, Not Two, But Three Vehicles Beached Trying to Recover Sunken Police Cruiser

That escalated quickly.

A comedy of costly errors played out on Georgia’s Jekyll Island earlier this weekend when a state trooper got their Ford Explorer Interceptor stuck in the wet sand. However, things didn’t stop there as three other vehicles later got trapped while trying to pull the patrol car back to dry land, eventually getting soaked when the tide returned and making for an extremely embarrassing recovery effort that was all shared on Facebook.

One local explained on social media that the ordeal started with what was supposed to be a lesson in social distancing when the trooper in question reportedly pulled onto the beach to talk to some teenagers—but that’s when the cruiser got stuck. The teens then grabbed their Hummer to help the trooper but they also got stuck in the process. What appears to be an unrelated bystander in a white Ford Excursion saw what was unfolding and decided to help, first freeing the Hummer, but when it went back for the Explorer, it got bogged down too. At some point later on, a backhoe showed up to help and, yes, it too was victimized by the water.

There were no reported injuries, but the vehicles clearly didn’t fare so well. To be fair to the officer, people drive on beaches all the time without sinking to their bumpers, but it appears that this time around the conditions created the perfect recipe for disaster. Of course, these three unlucky souls are far from the first to face such a tragic fate at the hands of mischievous sand. Last year in Alabama, a Dodge Charger was buried under several feet of sand after Hurricane Sandy rolled through. Later, an abandoned Jeep Grand Cherokee became locally famous as Hurricane Dorian flooded the family hauler, day by day until it was completely trashed.

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