There's No Limo More Extreme Than This $1M Learjet-Turned-Party Rig

The 42-foot-long creation is indeed road legal, even if it's ridiculously hard to drive.


The world is full of unlikely limo conversions. How about a long-wheelbase Porsche 930, or a Chevy Impala SS with a minibar inside? Would a stretched Jeep Grand Wagoneer be alright? If none of those are "extra" enough for you, check out this Learjet-turned-road-car. The unbelievable machine can carry you and 17 of your most curious friends in first-class luxury—that is, should you decide to buy it at Mecum's upcoming Indianapolis auction.


The limo’s interior is just as flashy as the exterior would suggest, as it features neon lights, an infinity floor, a 42-inch TV, and a 17,000-watt sound system. You and your crew can even enjoy a few drinks from the built-in booze cabinet while cruising around in the 42-foot-long machine, so long as you've hired a designated pilot. 

Amazingly, the jet-car is street legal, but navigating such an awkward vehicle isn't easy. The cockpit has four video monitors to show different angles and cover the massive blind spots around the limo.


The Learjet is still sporting its side-mounted turbine engines, but they're not generating thrust in this application. Instead, power actually heads to the 28-inch rear wheels courtesy of a mid-mounted, 8.1-liter Chevrolet V8 truck engine. To make the limo more "authentic," there's a speaker system that projects jet sounds when the vehicle is in motion.


It ended up taking more than two years and $1 million to develop the jet and turn it into a rolling party machine. An Oregon man named Dan Harris dreamed up the creation and recruited Chicago-based Exotic Coach to help build it. Dan developed the concept for the Learmousine in 2005, but it didn’t make an appearance in public until 2018 after an astonishing 40,000 man-hours of custom work. It now belongs to Jettersetter Inc., a company formed by Frank DeAngelo and Michael Kashevatsky. 


We don’t have an auction price estimate yet, but we do know that the winner won’t have to drive their newly acquired luxo-barge home after the sale. The auction includes a 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500HD and a 44-foot Iron Bull trailer to haul the plane in order to keep the mileage low and boss-level sky high.

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