Kentucky BP Station with $0.99 Gas Prices Sells Out Almost Immediately

Fuel's been getting cheaper across the country, but this is on another level.

We might all be experiencing some degree of isolation as the world tries to fight back against the coronavirus, but there is some good news for gearheads—and everyday people—across the United States. Gas prices have fallen off a cliff in recent weeks, and one particular fuel station in Kentucky has claimed the crown after selling gas for just $.99 per gallon

Before you start planning your Kentucky road trip, you should know that the Spur 7 BP station in London sold out of gas almost immediately and has no idea when they’ll reopen. Local commenters to the Gas Buddy site say that the store—located just off state route 25—is known for low fuel prices and is often very busy with people seeking deals.

Fuel prices across the country have dropped sharply in the past few weeks, reaching an average of just $2.20 per gallon. Experts from AAA and elsewhere predict that prices could tumble even further to $1.50 or less in the coming weeks. All of the volatility in the oil market is due to falling demand in the face of a global pandemic as well as overproduction by Saudi Arabia and Russia. 

Regardless of the underlying world crises, falling fuel prices are a boon for people everywhere, particularly in the southern United States. Kentucky already had one of the lowest statewide average fuel prices at $1.90, but several other states have at least one gas station with super-cheap gas. Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kansas all have locations selling fuel for $1.30 per gallon or less.

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h/t: Fox News