Police Searching for Driver Who Sent Road Sign Flying Through Officer’s Windshield

Video of the incident is enough to make you flinch, and it could've ended much worse.

Police in West Jordan, Utah are searching for a driver who struck a road sign and sent it hurtling toward one of the department’s own patrol trucks. The incident took place on a busy street, and damage to the PD’s Ford F-150 looks like something out of a Final Destination movie. The officer escaped unhurt and thankfully no one was in the passenger seat; had someone been riding shotgun, this situation would’ve ended much differently.

Those of us that live where the air hurts our faces have to contend with chunks of ice and snow flying off of vehicles whose owners are too lazy to scrape them off, but this is a whole new level of dangerous. Police say the officer was stopping for a left turn when a red Chrysler Town and Country minivan struck a median sign and launched it toward the F-150. The impact was so violent that it pierced the police vehicle’s window like a giant spear.

Thankfully, the unexpected projectile missed the officer inside, appearing to be aimed more at the passenger side of the vehicle. Anyone sitting on that side would most likely have suffered severe, if not fatal, injuries. 

The aftermath is disturbing to see, but things could have been much, much worse. Perhaps just as disturbing, the driver of the van didn’t even slow down after mowing down the sign. Though the entire incident was caught on the car’s dashcam, the footage doesn’t give police much to work with. Officials say they’re still looking for the driver of the van, which they believe was made sometime between 2001 and 2009.

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 h/t: KSL.com