Cop Clings Onto Hood After Audi A6 Driver Attempts to Escape Ticket

The woman behind the wheel was going to be fined for using her phone while driving, but then she had this bright idea.

byJames Gilboy|
Culture photo

A 27-year-old South African woman was reportedly arrested following an attempt to evade a ticket by driving off with a police officer on the hood of her Audi A6.

According to statements issued by a transportation official of South Africa's Gauteng province to The Times, the driver was pulled over for using her phone behind the wheel in the mining town of Krugersdorp, 22 miles east of Johannesburg. As made evident by a smartphone video captured by a nearby driver, the woman tried to escape punishment by driving off mid-stop when the officer leaped onto the Audi's hood and was carried away by the rogue driver. Bystanders filmed the lawman pleading with the woman to stop the vehicle.

Toward the end of the video, the Audi can be seen coming to a halt when a white Nissan van blocks its path. The Audi's driver was reportedly arrested shortly thereafter, and charged with failing to comply with a traffic officer, reckless driving, and resisting arrest.

"The conduct displayed by the driver is not only reckless but also smacks of arrogance," stated a Gauteng official.

Officials will likely take the case seriously given South Africa's rate of fatal road accidents, which at 25 per 100,000 deaths is 25 percent higher than the global average of 20. Gauteng also reportedly records a rate of fatal road accidents above the national average.

Coincidentally, this is not the only bizarre interaction between police and Audi drivers this week. Across the Atlantic, another Audi driver was arrested for impersonating a member of China's paramilitary policein California. If there's a lesson to take from these two incidents, it's that messing with cops isn't a good idea in any part of the world, no matter what you drive.