Jeep Crushes Nevada Man to Death After California Earthquake Knocks It off Jack

Troy Ray, 56, was said to be working under the Jeep at his newly acquired piece of land when the 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck.

byChris Tsui|
Jeep Crushes Nevada Man to Death After California Earthquake Knocks It off Jack

A man is dead after the Jeep he was working underneath fell on top of him, possibly due to the July 4 earthquakes in Southern California and Nevada, according to police. 

Per the Las Vegas Review Journal, a 56-year-old man was found pinned under a red Jeep CJ on Tuesday in the outskirts of Pahrump, Nevada. Judging from pictures, the Jeep was resting on gravel and had its front end propped up by a high-lift jack, some wood, a cinder block, and rocks. 

"Based on preliminary timing and circumstances at the scene, the Nye County Sheriff's investigation reveals that this death may be the result of the vehicle falling off of the jacks on July 4 during the earthquake," said Sergeant Adam Tippetts. The incident would be the first reported death related to said 6.4-magnitude earthquake if it was indeed the true cause. "As far as we know, it is," said Nye County Lieutenant David Boruchowitz. "Or it would be if we could confirm that."

According to tweets by Las Vegas Review Journal's Mike Shoro, the deceased was identified as Troy Ray, who had just recently bought the piece of land where he was killed. He was reportedly last seen alive at a nearby gas station on July 3. According to Ray's sister, he had apparently owned the Jeep for quite a while now and could often be found working on it.

Earthquake or not, it's always important to use the appropriate equipment and take the proper precautions when working under a car. Make sure you're on solid, level ground and use the proper jacks, wheel chocks, and stands for the job. Or, pay a professional if you really can't be bothered.

That being said, Sgt. Tippetts claimed that Ray's Jeep was indeed "jacked up safely," reminding us that when push comes to shove, all of the safety tips in the world can be no match for Mother Nature.

Wrench safely, folks.