This Huge Crash Is the Reason Why ‘Pass With Care’ Signs Exist on Two-Lane Country Roads

Despite rolling over in spectacular fashion, the Jeep driver narrowly avoided a deadly head-on collision.

Two-lane bidirectional roads in rural areas can be quite frustrating, particularly if you’re stuck behind someone traveling below the speed limit or driving erratically. Depending on the geography or layout of the road, passing can be relatively simple and straight forward, but other times it can be a sketchy ordeal. If it’s the latter, it’s best to remain patient and wait for the best overtaking opportunity, or simply take a deep breath and ride things out until an intersection or passing zone comes along. Unfortunately, patience isn’t a common virtue, and performing a careless or rushed pass on a two-lane country road can end in catastrophe, as the driver of a white Jeep Liberty recently found out.

A video uploaded to Facebook by Rob Menczywor shows him en route to his son’s soccer practice on a two-lane, unpaved country road. Like any other trip to his son’s practice, Menczywor was just cruising along with his dashcam recording and minding his own business. Suddenly, a fellow and impatient motorist in a Ford F-150 pickup truck overtook him on a straight stretch. While somewhat abrupt, nothing but a “what the hell?” resulted from it.

However, a first-gen Jeep Liberty following the F-150 suffered the consequences of being impatient and ignoring the “Pass With Care” road sign seen at the beginning of the video. After the Jeep passed Menczywor, the driver overcorrected when they saw the oncoming Tahoe, screwed up the maneuver, and ultimately lost control of the vehicle. As a result of his actions, the Liberty ended up fishtailing out of control and darting into someone’s front yard before barrel-rolling and landing right side up.

Naturally, Menczywor pulled over to see if the Jeep driver was ok, but only before voicing how “not smart” the move was on the Liberty driver’s part.