Woman’s Car Stolen From Airport, Shows up 5 Months Later in Same Lot

Despite the unlikely turnaround, she’s unable to reclaim the car as her insurance company has already paid off the loan.

byElizabeth Puckett|
Woman’s Car Stolen From Airport, Shows up 5 Months Later in Same Lot

A Denver area woman fell victim to car theft in July, eventually calling off the search and taking to public transportation. With insurance money collected and her vehicle presumably gone for good, Natasha Gay showed up to work at the Denver International Airport only to find her once-stolen SUV had been returned...to the same lot it was taken from.

According to Fox31 Denver news, the 2007 Toyota was stolen from the Avis employee parking lot after Gay had been at her temporary job there for “probably three-and-a-half-hours.” With no sign of the vehicle or idea as to who stole the car, Gay's insurance company paid off the loan on the SUV. Although panicked at first, Gay moved on, taking the train to work and, even though she was still curious who stole her car, had “come to peace” with her loss. 

It was then that the thief with a presumably guilty conscience decided to undo their wrongs. However, since Gay's insurance had already paid out for it, she's now unable to reclaim her car and is left with all kinds of questions.

“I was just surprised and wondering if a car was stolen...why would they return it to the parking lot four-and-a-half months later? It was just very off to me," Gay told Fox31.

Gay has since reached out to local news problem solvers hoping they can help her find answers to her questions with the eventual goal of getting her personal belongings back. “It just made me want to contact the Problem Solvers and I had to try and push a little harder,” she said. 

Denver Police say they are investigating the odd case and Avis has reportedly been contacted to see if anything was caught on camera.