Flying Deer Ricochets Into Police Car, Lands in Passenger Seat

The deputy actually slowed down to avoid a crash, but an oncoming driver hit it head-on and launched it into the air.

A deer crashed through a South Carolina police officer’s windshield in St. George near Charleston on earlier this week, dying upon impact and landing in the patrol car’s passenger seat, according to The Smoking Gun.

According to police, the Dorchester County Sherriff’s Office deputy actually spotted the deer encroaching on the highway and slowed down to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, an oncoming car wasn’t aware of the animal and struck it head-on. The deer then launched through the air, breaking the deputy’s windshield, and landed in the passenger seat. Fortunately, both the deputy and the driver who hit the animal escaped without injuries.

Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office

As you can see from the images above, the animal was launched with enough force to fully break through the glass. The entire carcass is inside the patrol car, with its head landing next to a beverage in the deputy’s cupholder. While it’s unfortunate for the animal, the driver who experienced unintentionally killing it, and for those who’ll have to pay for all the damage involved, nobody else was injured.

Hitting a deer is a fairly common occurrence, as far as car accidents in rural environments go. We’ve reported a fair share of these incidents ourselves over the years, with some people seemingly bringing unnecessary deer-related mishaps on themselves. For those of us who have yet to experience a direct hit ourselves, remember to stay alert and drive safe, as we definitely share our roads with more animals than we think.