Watch This Tesla Model S Rear-End a Nissan Rogue Right in Front of Police

A friendly reminder to pay attention to your surroundings.

byRob Stumpf| PUBLISHED Oct 9, 2018 2:26 PM
Watch This Tesla Model S Rear-End a Nissan Rogue Right in Front of Police

There's responsible driving, and then there are people who should be removed from the road for ignoring basic safety instructions. A Tesla driver seemingly ignored warning cues from the Model S, resulting in what could easily be the most embarrassing rear-end collision ever caught on a dashboard camera.

As the Tesla corralled down the four-lane corridor, one of which had a lane occupied by a stopped Nissan Rogue, a warning from the vehicle's obstacle avoidance system blared but, according to the video description, allegedly wasn’t heard by the occupants.

The vehicle was traveling at 44 mph at the time of the crash, meaning that the vehicle's automatic emergency braking function was disabled. This is commonplace with automakers to ensure that false-positive braking scenarios don't endanger the lives of vehicle occupants or those around them. Unfortunately, the driver allegedly wasn’t ready to intervene in an emergency and instead plowed into the back of the Rogue with little resistance.

The video description shared a quote from the alleged driver of the Model S: "We weren't paying attention all. We were too focused on the chaos around us and didn't even hear our car warning us of the obstacle ahead," reads the YouTube recollection of the event, "As you can see, we rammed right into the parked car going about 45 mph. I haven't heard words like come that from my wife's mouth in the 20 some-odd years we've been married!"

Despite the video's title, no information was readily available with regards to the driver relinquishing control of the luxury electric sedan to the vehicle's Autopilot software. However, because of the brand's notoriety of not being able to reliably detect stopped vehicles while operating in its driver-assisting Autopilot mode, this is yet another appropriate time to mention that fully autonomous driving doesn't exist. Regardless if you're driving a Tesla with Autopilot or Cadillac with GM's Super Cruise, one must always keep their eyes (and in this case, ears) on the road.