Porsche Recalls Select 2017 and 2018 Panamera Models, Puts Sales on Hold

A total of 715 vehicles are affected in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Porsche’s North American branch is issuing a voluntary recall for select 2017 and 2018 Panamera models in the United States and Puerto Rico for correcting issue relating to the suspension. The recall is accompanied by a temporary stop sale notice.

The German automaker has carried out internal testing which showed that there is a possibility that connecting links for the rear-axle anti-roll bar that were installed “do not meet Porsche quality standards.” Porsche goes on to state that if in case a connecting link may become detached from the anti-roll bar, it may lead to the potential risk of the detached parts of the anti-roll bar damaging surrounding suspension parts.

The total number of vehicles affected by this issue has been specified as 715 Panameras in the United States and Puerto Rico. Porsche dealers that are authorized to carry out pertaining modifications will replace the connecting links for the anti-roll bar on the rear axle. Porsche has stated that “Customers will be notified about the recall by mail. No incidents or accidents have been reported.”

Porsche Panamera owners of the designated model years can use the German automaker’s recall page to look up if their car has been affected by the recall.

While the issue has affected more than a handful of Panameras, Porsche’s voluntary recall of the vehicle should help safeguard the marque’s reputation of reliability among equals. The Porsche brand was the recipient of the J.D. Power Total Ownership Experience Award for 2018 for the luxury market.