UMC’s Naked Ducati Scrambler Weighs Less Than a Vespa

And it looks oh so good, too.

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You’d have to be crazy to say the Ducati Scrambler is ugly. And at only 410 pounds wet, it can’t be called overweight, either. To put it frankly, it’d be hard to improve on Ducati’s lithe, simple standard.

At least, that’s what we would have said before we saw Untitled Motorcycles’ UMC-038 Marin.

Designed around the idea of shaving down the Scrambler to highlight its classic trellis frame, UMC peeled off every bit of original Ducati sheetmetal, then custom-made a new fuel tank that accentuates the sharp lines of the bike’s skeletal structure. The tank is painted an understated gray and clad in nickel side panels to match the mechanical simplicity of the unpainted engine, while the slim vinyl seat evokes the black rubber of the tires at both ends.

RC Rivera

To highlight the magnificence of the frame, UMC coats it in eye-popping Rosso Corsa—the classic color of Italian motor racing, seen on everything from Ferraris to Alfas to Ducati’s own GP racing bikes. The swingarm and wheels are pulled from the Ducati Monster, while the anodized Showa fork is from a Suzuki GSX-R. What’s more, a thin LED headlight in a custom-made nacelle gives the UMC-083 an entirely different head-on appearance from its donor bike.

RC Rivera

The result? The UMC-083 Marin is a raw, ruthlessly simplistic motorcycle design that, somehow, manages to be street-legal in spite of looking like a refugee from Minority Report. And as a result of the style-minded body panel massacre, the UMC-083 is 85 pounds lighter than the Ducati Scrambler it’s based on—a 20 percent weight loss. To put it another way, at 325 pounds, the UMC-083 is lighter than a 125cc Vespa.

And a hell of a lot less emasculating.

RC Rivera
RC Rivera
RC Rivera
RC Rivera