Several New Pickup Trucks Reportedly Stolen from Fiat Chrysler Michigan Plant

FCA is still figuring out the total number of vehicles and their VINs.

In what seems to be a premeditated and well-planned operation, a group of individuals reportedly broke into a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles plant located in Michigan and stole at least nine brand new trucks during the wee hours of the day.

According to the Detroit Free Press, authorities say a security employee at Fiat Chrysler’s Warren Truck Assembly Plant witnessed someone drive one of the trucks through a storage lot gate around 4:00 a.m. Thursday morning. It was followed by eight or nine more trucks.

The incident was reported at 3:55 a.m. Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said that as per preliminary reports the thieves came to the plant in another pickup truck—a 2003 Ram, stolen from a Warren home—with up to a dozen others. They reportedly cut a hole in the chain link fence and as soon as they were in, sent their accomplices to the new vehicles, without being detected, and drove off. The Detroit Free Press has quoted Dwyer saying: “They were able to take at least 10 or 11 Ram trucks out on a convoy. They headed south on Mound Road and disappeared.”

And it seems even the vehicle details are yet to be confirmed. Almost 12 hours since the report was filed, the factory could not determine which of the trucks had been stolen and their associated VINs. The information is pending an inventory audit which is currently being carried out.

This is not the first time a multi-vehicle robbery at a company lot has been reported as of late. Back in 2017, some 70 recalled Dieselgate cars were stolen from Volkswagen.