Aston Martin Teases New DBS Superleggera

The last DBS was considered a better DB9, so what does that make the new DBS?

Aston Martin is nowhere near as sneaky as it believes itself to be. The Drive has known about the new DBS since September, when a test mule was spotted. What we were in the dark on was the car’s full name, which the British luxury carmaker revealed Wednesday, when it made a formal announcement that the DBS will return, albeit with a classic suffix: Superleggera.

Superleggera was a badge applied to historic Astons, to DBs between 4 and 6; a signature of the firm’s collaboration with Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera. The DBS itself was first produced between 1967 and 1972, with the later DB9-based model existing between 2007 and 2012.

Tomorrow’s DBS Superleggera is said to top Aston Martin’s sporting range, positioning it above the resurrected 2019 Vantage, but below the motorsport-derived Valkyrie hypercar, and its unnamed sibling. Details on the DBS Superleggera remain scant, but Aston promises more information will come this June.

Some accurate inferences can be made about the car based on the above teaser video and the test mule shots

The Drive acquired in September 2017. The perforated grille spar can be spotted in the video, corroborating what was on the test mule last year, suggesting the spotted DBS Superleggera was a near-production model. Though little similarity to the mule’s splitter can be discerned from the video, the sharp cutoff at the bottom of the front bumper indeed suggests the DBS will have one.

The sole photograph Aston Martin shared of the car is of its Superleggera badge, flanked by a pair of vents. Hood vents, perhaps? They have no visible counterpart with the test mule, so maybe Aston still has something up its sleeve. We will have to wait until June to see.

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