Jeep Preparing Entry-Level Model Even Smaller Than the Renegade, Report Says

Don’t expect it to land in the U.S. though.

byChris Tsui| UPDATED Mar 21, 2018 3:16 PM
Jeep Preparing Entry-Level Model Even Smaller Than the Renegade, Report Says

If you thought Jeeps couldn't get any smaller than the Batmobile stand-in that is the Renegade, you'd apparently be wrong. According to a report by Autocar, the Fiat Chrysler brand is preparing to come out with a new, entry-level model set to be even smaller and cheaper than the already-compact Renegade. 

"A smaller car than the Renegade is very interesting to us and we are actively looking at the project now," said Jeep CEO Mike Manley. "We’ve seen the general move in Europe towards smaller SUVs, and there could also be a market in Latin America." Does that mean it won't be sold in the U.S.? Probably. 

When reached for further comment, an FCA spokesperson told The Drive "we don't speculate on future product plans."

Since the Renegade a.k.a. "the only Jeep you need" is based on the Fiat 500X, its imminent younger sibling will also likely ride on a Fiat platform. While bones borrowed from the microscopic 500 may sound like an obvious choice, Autocar predicts that the new Jeep will be based on the upcoming version of Fiat's Europe-only Panda city car

Plans for the mini mini-Jeep are expected to be announced June 1, when FCA head honcho Sergio Marchionne will publicly outline five-year plans for all of the company's brands.

Given the Renegade already starts at a modest $17,995 here in the States, expect the new entry-Jeep to cost the foreign equivalent of around $15,000 or less. Should make new-Jeep ownership a little more accessible—as long as you don't live in America.