Police Arrest Long Island Man Whose Driver’s License Was Suspended 81 Times

How is this even possible?

byKyle Cheromcha|
Police Arrest Long Island Man Whose Driver’s License Was Suspended 81 Times

Police on Long Island have arrested a 21-year-old man who managed to have his driver's license suspended an incredible 81 times in his short-lived time behind the wheel, according to NBC New York. 81 times. Yes, we're just as astounded as you are at that number.

Suffolk County police pulled over Dillon Garcia in Oakdale, New York on Wednesday after a highway unit scanned his license plate and discovered the tags were suspended. When the officer ran his license, he discovered the four-score suspension tally and promptly arrested Garcia for aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. The car was impounded.

Now for the obvious question—how is it even possible to have your license suspended 81 times as a 21-year-old? A police spokeswoman told NBC New York that the suspensions relate to eight separate incidents, and have likely been compounded and reissued as Garcia missed fine payments and court appearances. Between his original charges and all of his various missed obligations, his license had in fact been ordered suspended 81 times in the system.

Aside from the tragicomic look at the bureaucracy that allows someone to rack up that many penalties and still climb into the driver's seat, this story also reinforces the importance of being alert and aware behind the wheel. You never know what menace lurks in the next lane—like a guy with 81 license suspensions. Not exactly a comforting thought.