Massachusetts Man Saves Woman from Burning Car with a Baseball Bat

Could have ended a lot worse.

byEric Brandt| PUBLISHED May 30, 2017 3:07 PM
Massachusetts Man Saves Woman from Burning Car with a Baseball Bat

We might not normally think of a wooden baseball bat as a rescue tool, but that’s exactly what it was in a potentially fatal car crash in Reading, Massachusetts.

Laura McCaffrey was driving with her niece when she had a seizure losing consciousness, and subsequently, losing control of her car. She crashed what appears to be a fourth-generation Ford Taurus into two utility poles breaking her windshield and starting the car on fire.

A good citizen named Brandon Finnen was attending a barbecue and ran to the scene when he heard the crash. “I saw the car on fire and the lady was unconscious in the driver’s seat. Her niece came around and tried to open the door. I told the niece to back up and I tried to start breaking the window with my fist,” Finnen told CBS Boston.

A friend noticed Finnen wasn’t getting anywhere pounding on the windows and handed him a baseball bat. He smashed the window, unlocked the car from the inside, unbuckled McCaffrey’s seat belt, and pulled her out of the burning car to safety. According to witnesses, the driver’s side of the car was engulfed in flames after the rescue.

According to police, McCaffrey and her niece were taken to the hospital and their injuries are non-life threatening. 1,300 houses went a few hours with no power, but it’s since been completely restored.

Maybe firefighters should start carrying around Louisville Sluggers in their trucks right next to the jaws of life.