Meet Two All-New Moto Guzzis (and a 230-hp Aprilia)

Pair of fresh V-twin Ducati-fighters and more powerful RSV4RF set to debut at the Milan Motorcycle Show next week.

byBrendan McAleer|
Meet Two All-New Moto Guzzis (and a 230-hp Aprilia)


The Milan Motorcycle Show is just a week away. And, as you might expect from a celebration of fine, yet occasionally temperamental Italian machinery, here come the leaks. Both Moto Guzzi and Aprilia have new bikes on the way, and they span the gap from effervescent lightness to incandescent fury.

Ducati's Scrambler is currently receiving near-universal critical praise for its fun, elemental ride. With its V9 twins, Moto Guzzi hopes to jump on the bandwagon, offering a lightweight ride with a characteristic V-Twin experience. Both bikes, the V9 Bobber and the Roamer V9, get an 850cc 90-degree V-twin and shaft-drive. Details are thin at present, but torque figures are slightly up over Guzzi's current mid-size V7 to 45lb-ft at 300rpm.

Moto Guzzi

Both the Roamer and the Bobber are new platforms for Moto Guzzi. With a claimed curb weight below 440 pounds, they should provide the kind of whippy handling you'd expect from a bike bred on the winding roads around Lake Como, with just a little extra down-low grunt to chase the heavier Triumphs. And, stats aside, just look at them. These are beautiful bikes, the prettiest out there.

Moto Guzzi

Perhaps instead of a fun and agile cruiser, you just want a missile. According to, the flagship Aprillia RSV4RF is getting a boost for 2016 to a scorching 230 horsepower. That's like a Volkswagen GTI engine welded to a triathelete's bike.

Currently, the V4-powered superbike makes just over 200hp, already demanding high levels of skill and machismo and preferably a solid life insurance policy. This one? Maybe an adamantium spine would be a good idea.