The New Ducati Panigale V4 Is an Italian Fighter Jet on Two Wheels

It’s here, the Ducati Panigale V4. This past weekend in Milan you could hear every Ducatisti around the world lose their collective minds when the cover came off this bike.

bySam Bendall|
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This past weekend Ducati finally unveiled it the successor to the 1299 Panigale, the Panigale V4. You could hear every Ducatisti around the world lose their collective minds when the cover came off this bike. The Ducati Panigale V4 is the most powerful superbike in its class with mindbending power output, a bevy of electronics, and svelte Italian design. This thing is a fighter jet on two wheels and in my opinion, one of the most beautiful modern production motorcycles ever made.     

A Sight To Behold: The Ducati Panigale V4

, Ducati

Ducati Panigale V4 Desmosedici Stradale engine

At its heart beats the all-new MotoGP inspired Desmosedici Stradale engine. A vicious power plant with a displacement of 1103cc producing 214 horsepower. When upgraded with the Akrapovic full titanium exhaust, the V4 overall wet weight drops to 430 pounds and horsepower jumps to 226.  Here the Panigale V4 has a power-to-weight ratio of 1.1 horsepower per kilogram. Sheer insanity!

The Desmosedici Stradale V4 revs to 14,000 rpm with a high compression ratio of 14:1. Incorporating MotoGP technology, the V4 possesses a counter-rotating crank, which spins in the opposite direction to the wheels. The objective of this is to minimize or cancel out the massive amount of gyroscopic force the wheels’ create at high speeds. Such a system would allow for faster turn-in, increase stability while cornering and keep the bike planted to the ground during heavy straight line acceleration. 


Though the Panigale V4 is a world-class superbike, Ducati managed to give the bike extended service intervals of 7,500 miles between minor services and 15,000 miles between major services. Making the Panigale V4 not only great for the track but for those everyday commutes when you need to barrel down the highway at eye-bleeding warp speed. 



The chassis for the V4 incorporates the engine itself into the frame geometry. The new front frame bolts connect directly to the front and rear of the V4 cylinder heads while the swingarm mounts directly to the back of the engine casing. 

The base model V4 will come with Showa Big Piston Forks, Sachs rear mono shock, and steering dampener. The upgraded S and Speciale get Ohlins at both ends and an Objective Based Tuning Interface enabling a semi-active suspension setup. Stopping power comes courtesy of a Brembo Stylema monoblocs, the latest evolution of the M50 calipers, each are approximately 70 grams lighter per side.

Electronics Package

The Panigale V4 has more electronics and pilot aids than the NASA space shuttle and for good reason, this machine is faster than you will ever be. Unless you are Jorge Lorenzo or Andrea Dovizioso, this tech will keep you right where you need to be, firmly planted to the ground.

Using a sophisticated six-axis inertial platform, the computer system instantly detects the motorcycle's roll, yaw and pitch angles in time and space. 

The Panigale V4 electronic package includes controls to ensure management of all the riding phases; Some of these control the start, acceleration and braking phases, others manage traction, while others engage when riding into and out of corners. 


ABS Cornering Bosch EVO

This cornering technology extends the ABS action while in a lean. There are three selectable options. Level 3 is indicated on the road or for low-grip conditions, ensuring safer and more stable braking, levels 2 and 1 are suited to higher grip surfaces and track racing and hard braking scenarios.

Ducati Traction Control EVO

The DTC EVO featured by the Panigale V4 is based on an algorithm that makes intervention faster and more accurate. The DTC EVO interfaces with the Bosch Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), constantly monitoring the vehicle's lean angle and using it to accurately calculate the degree of intervention needed to ensure suitable rear wheelspin (according to the DTC EVO level setting). 

Ducati Slide Control: Three Levels

Like the traction control and Corning ABS systems, the Ducati Slide Control manages torque reduction by acting on the throttle body valves, spark advance decrease and injection cuts. In every situation in which fast intervention of the DSC is not required, the use of the throttle body valves ensures optimal combustion parameters, with a smoother Desmosedici Stradale engine response and system intervention. 

Powerslides for Dummies

, The Ducati Slide Control lets you "back dat ass in" without losing control of the motorcycle. , Ducati

Ducati Wheelie Control EVO  

It keeps the front wheel down so you don’t loop the bike and destroy a beautiful Italian piece of art. 

Eyes forward and wheels down. The Ducati Wheelie Control EVO keeps the front wheel down...for the most part., Ducati

Ducati Power Launch

Makes you go fast from a standstill no matter how heavy your wrist may be.  

Ducati Quick Shift up/down EVO

Shift gears without the clutch. Up or down. The system rev matches for you. 

Engine Brake Control EVO

Downshifted to early? The bike is smarter and better then you are. It will prevent the rear wheel from locking or breaking traction and apply enough throttle to keep traction. 

Ducati Electronic Suspension EVO

This feature is only available on the S and Speciale models. You have the choice of a traditional suspension setup which can be adjusted to your preferences or you can choose the semi-active suspension where the computer will dynamically adjust compression and rebound damping depending on road conditions or riding style.

Track Weapon

, Ducati

Additional Features. Oh yes, there is more.

Riding modes: Race, Sport and Street modes change the throttle mapping and response. Suspension modes on the S and Speciale are selectable here as well.  

TFT dash: The 5-inch, high-res, full-color dash changes depending on the selected riding modes. The display also handles regular dash duties as well as all the selectable electronics settings the Panigale V4 offers.

Ducati Multimedia System: An optional accessory that includes a Bluetooth multimedia system which connects to your phone and your helmet communications system and allows for phone calls, text messages, and music selection from the TFT Dash display. 

Ducati Data Analyzer + GPS: An optional accessory that provides full track telemetry system allowing you to track, download and analyze data from racetrack sessions.

Want the Upgraded V4? Consider the S and Speciale

Ducati Panigale V4 S

This model comes with the Ohlins suspension upgrade, steering dampener, lightweight forged aluminum wheels and a featherweight lithium battery.

The Panigale V4 S

, Ducati

Ducati Panigale V4 Speciale

If your days of riding the Panigale V4 will be primarily at the race track, look no further. The Speciale gets all the amazing features of the S mode, plus carbon mudguards, a fancy top triple clamp, Alcantara-trimmed seat, adjustable footpads, a full titanium exhaust system to unlock all 226 ponies, a race screen, license plate removal kit, machined mirror plugs, the Ducati Data Analyzer system, a Ducati branded bike cover, and racing cap for the fuel tank.