Stop by SEMA Ignited Tonight and Meet The Drive Street Team

You could end up with the keys to a new Alfa Romeo 4C.

byMax Goldberg|
Ohuhu 4.7M Telescoping Ladder


There are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas that don’t require card counting or Mayweather amounts of money. The Drive would like encourage you ditch the Elvis-themed shotgun wedding and buy tickets to the SEMA Ignited afterparty tonight.

More than 500 cars from the show will be there. Also: food trucks, DJs, drift demos and Street Outlaws’ 1970 Chevy C10, aka “The Farmtruck.” Yeah, this ratty old rig looks like it has seen better days—dings, dents, rust and panel gaps galore. Don’t be fooled. The Farmtruck has a few tricks up its sleeve, namely a nitrous-injected 502ci big block. It’s a ‘roided out trainwreck that runs a 10-second quarter mile. We love it.

If sleepers aren’t your thing, fine. Keep your eyes peeled for The Drive Street Team, a gaggle of good lookin’ folks with iPads for a very special promotion.

(Hint: You could end up with the keys to a new Alfa Romeo 4C. More details on that soon.)