The Honda Civic Type R May Get a CVT and the Ford F-150 Gets a New Grill: The Evening Rush

Plus, The Arnold House is the perfect weekend getaway in the Catskills.

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It is no secret that the Ford F-150 is a huge success. That being said, Ford (and other manufacturers) have been in a weird race for the biggest grill. Well, it seems like the race has finally peaked. As made clear in recent spyshots of the 2018 F-150, it looks like Ford is toning it down with a tasteful two-piece grill. Expect to see the new look on the production truck later this year.

In a bizarre decision, it appears the heavily-anticipated Honda Civic Type R is set to debut in the United States this year with an optional CVT transmission. Although I can’t figure out why someone would want to couple a 2.0-liter four-cylinder making around 300-horsepower with a CVT, I guess it is nice to have the option…maybe. For those of you who are concerned, the Honda Civic Type R will come standard with a 6-speed manual transmission.

Tesla’s Nevada-based Gigafactory is finally cranking out products, focusing on the Powerwall 2 and Powerpack 2 at the moment. Tesla plans to begin production of batteries for the Model 3 at the site later this year.


Decorate your home with the stylings of our nation’s great national parks. Fifty-Nine Parks are printing awesome paintings of the national parks across the U.S. Ranging from $40-$80, you will certainly find one that meets your price point and liking.

Fifty Nine Parks

Goal Zero Generators has always done a fantastic job of making electric generators, and now they are expanding their product lineup to a gas-powered generator. According to reports, the new machine will shut off when the battery pack is full and only run when completely necessary, cutting down on fuel consumption. The new gas-powered generator will be called Yeti Fuel.


Take the hint your friends and family have ben giving you and invest in some TRX suspension bands. Designed to cut down on exercise costs while providing users with a ton of full-body to isolated exercises, TRX bands are the perfect workout partner. Costing way less than a gym membership, these straps can be installed in your own home and quickly help you to shed that holiday weight.

If you are looking for a nice vacation to break up the winter months, why not consider a weekend getaway in the Catskills? The Arnold House, in Livingston Manor, New York is the perfect escape from reality. Nestled among nature trails, ice fishing locations, hunting spots, breweries and much more, this luxury inn will keep everyone happy. 

The Arnold House