What Do You Want to See More of in The Drive’s Car Reviews and Feature Stories This Year?

We’re revamping our whole approach to car reviews and longform stories this spring—now’s your chance to weigh in.

byKristen Lee|
What Do You Want to See More of in The Drive’s Car Reviews and Feature Stories This Year?

Happy Friday, dear friends. For you, it may be just another Friday, but for me, it marks the end of my first week here at The Drive! And for my next act, I'm going to need your help. 

See, as the site's new Deputy Editor, I'm here to help streamline and spearhead The Drive's car reviews and features coverage moving forward. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to include, but like everything, I could always use some advice and suggestions. Some fresh eyes and fresh perspectives, so to speak. And since we're writing these reviews and features for you, the readers, why not tap you guys first?


I assume—because you are presently reading this website—you've consumed automotive content before. You maybe even be a fan of the stuff. And I'm sure you have some Fabulous Opinions about it. Here's your chance to tell us what you want to see.

For car reviews, what's something you wished more people touched upon? What do you look for when you read a review? Do you want to see more original photography? More experiential stories? Road trips? Vintage car reviews?

Same goes for features. What's a topic or person or place you want to see written about? Who should we interview? Is there some weirdo local car story that you think should make national news? We can try and make that happen! (Shameless plug: If you've got something juicy to share, shoot it over to tips@thedrive.com.)

I've included pictures of some Dodge Vipers to i n s p i r e you. It is my greatest life ambition to drive a first-gen, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway.

Let us know in the comments. Fire away!

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