Watch This Rad KTM Motorcycle Stunt/Dance Video Because the World Is Terrible Otherwise

Go ahead, smile.

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It’s almost the weekend, so why not start planning your next two-wheeled adventure with your friends or family? Oh, wait—that’s right. Most of the country is on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and although we could all sneak out and go for a ride here or there, it’s probably best we don’t get in the way of vital personnel—and definitely not add another body to the already maxed-out hospitals. Instead, why don’t you enjoy this hilarious video of a man living his best life on his 1981-ish KTM Enduro filmed back in 2017 BC (BC stands for “before coronavirus” now)?

The three-minute-long video has a little bit of everything, and it makes me want to pull out the ol’ dirt bikes from my friend’s shed and go for a ride. However, they need extensive work and that will most likely lead to many headaches (and costly repair bills) before I can hit the trails. For those exact reasons, I find myself getting lost in the beautiful vistas and throwback trance-ish soundtrack of this video. And of course, what can I say about the rider’s fabulous hair? It just works.

The KTM Enduro, in its many versions and configurations over the years, has always been a badass bike that’s worthy of a memorable adventure, and this vintage example isn’t the exception. The machine itself looks to be in pristine shape and that 250cc two-stroke engine braps like it’s got a fresh top end. Although there’s plenty of cool riding shown on the footage, I’m certainly digging the beer break and the funky dancing.

So go ahead and smile, we all need that right now.

h/t: Wade (the dude who graciously stores my dirt bikes for free)

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