Royal Enfield Concept KX Brings a Shot of V-Twin Muscle to the Brand

If it sees production, this would be the first V-twin Royal Enfield since the 1930s.

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Royal Enfield is a brand best known for its light- to middleweight bikes that is only just recently getting back into the world of two cylinders. As we await the arrival of the new twins in dealers, RE brought a stunning new concept to the EICMA motorcycle show that’s a different kind of machine. It’s called the Concept KX and it’s a muscular 838cc V-twin-powered bobber inspired by the 1140cc V-twin Royal Enfield KX of the 1930s. Take a look.

To this day, the original KX is the largest-displacement bike Royal Enfield has ever built. It was in a brief time when RE was trying to compete in the big-bore cruiser segment which didn’t last for the brand. Now that RE is going through a resurgence, it just might be a segment it’s considering once more.

Royal Enfield Concept KX (left) and 1930s production KX (right), Royal Enfield

The Concept KX has some clear inspiration from the antique it’s based on. It’s very long, has a prominently displayed V-twin, and even has an old-school green and gold paint job with a brown solo seat, though it gets more modern in the finer details. It has a cool LED headlight and a Transformers-esque front fork with no visible suspension. Blacked-out details all around take away some of the charm of the old bike and make the concept downright menacing.

Royal Enfield Concept KX, Royal Enfield

Obviously, this bike is far from production-ready and is strictly a showpiece. There’s no license plate frame, no mirrors, no turn signals, and not much suspension to speak of. That said, this is a genuinely cool concept and it makes us hopeful that RE will get back into the cruiser scene with a new V-twin sometime soon.