Personalize Your Riding Gear With Dainese Custom Works 3-D Configurator

How do you like my custom design?

byEric Brandt|
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Dainese is introducing a new way to make your high-end motorcycle gear your very own. It’s common for companies that sell riding jackets, pants, and suits to offer them in a wide variety of colors, but what isn’t so common is getting to pick those colors yourself.

Now you can do just that with the Dainese Custom Works 3-D configurator. “Custom Works is an engaging process that combines the practicality of digital configuration with the craftsmanship of a unique, handmade product,” said a Dainese representative in an email to The Drive.

If you’ve ever customized clothing online, then you already have an idea of how this works. First, you select what you want to customize between a jacket, a suit, or pants (pants aren’t available to customize as of this writing, but that part of the site should be going live soon). A few options available right now include the Racing 3 leather jacket as you can see in my own fabulous, fashion-forward design pictured above, and a wide variety of suits including the D-Air Racing Misano, the Mugello D-Air, the Kyalami, and several others. After you pick which one you want, you can customize the colors of just about every single individual panel of the suit.

If you want a theme based on the color of your bike, you can go that route. If you want the whole thing to be pink, that’s an option too. You can even put your nation’s flag on the shoulder pads. If you really want to stand out, you can make every piece of leather on your suit or jacket a different color, including the demon logos and the parts that say “Dainese.” The possibilities are nearly endless.

To customize it even further, you can put words or pictures on your suit or jacket with a variety of different fonts available. This is perfect for independent racing teams who want to put their logo on their leathers professionally.

This high level of customization comes at a cost with different pieces costing different amounts to customize. The Racing 3 jacket has a base price of $569.95 with a custom design costing an extra $399.95. The price can go even higher if you want the more premium customization options like the aforementioned flags on the protective plates.

Even if you’re not looking to spend five grand on a custom kangaroo leather racing suit with built-in airbags, the configurator is a fun thing to mess around with. Hopefully, Dainese further expands its offerings as to which pieces you can customize to bring down the price of entry a little.