Reax Motorcycle Gear Offers Subtle High-Tech Protection

Finally, technical motorcycle gear that won’t make you look like a Power Ranger.

byEric Brandt|
Reax Motorcycle Gear Offers Subtle High-Tech Protection

When you think of really technical motorcycle gear that offers top-quality protection, you probably think of something that looks like Iron Man’s armor. If you want the best possible protection on two-wheels, you usually need to buy expensive gear that looks ridiculous in any setting other than sitting on a motorcycle. A new brand called Reax is out to change that. 

Casual-looking motorcycle gear is very much in fashion as exemplified by new offerings like the hipster-y Dainese72 line. Reax is offering jackets, pants, and gloves that are premium and technical without looking too technical. Reax is a brand founded by the popular moto gear store and website Revzilla in partnership with its parent company, Comoto. Having sold and reviewed just about every single piece of motorcycle gear available over the past several years, these folks know a thing or two about gear.

Riding jeans that look like normal jeans!, Reax

“The line is very technical, without overdoing it,” said a Reax representative in an email to The Drive. “The jackets, pants, and gloves all offer the protection you’d want, but with a more casual look that you could wear out on its own.”

Another nice perk of Reax is that the gear is pretty affordable. Normally really technical motorcycle gear comes at a premium price point, but with Reax, jackets start at $219, pants start at $199, and gloves start at $69. Not the cheapest gear you can buy, but potentially one of the best values.

Personally, I think this gear looks pretty good. I’m a big fan of the technical-without-looking-technical ethos and I think Reax is doing it pretty well. I want good protection and I also don't want to look like a Power Ranger when I get off of my bike and it looks like Reax could fulfill that duty well.