Ducati Is Planning a Radar-Equipped Motorcycle for 2020

We're about to live in a world where you can get a motorcycle with adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring.

Ducati is further positioning itself as one of the most safety-committed motorcycle companies in the business. As part of the brand’s “2025 Safety Roadmap” plan, Ducati will introduce a motorcycle equipped with both front and rear radar in 2020. Ducati has not specified if this technology will be equipped on an existing model or if radar is being introduced on an all-new bike.

Radar is part of what Ducati calls ARAS (Advanced Rider Assistance Systems). Rear radar is basically blind spot monitoring, but for a motorcycle. It will be able to detect when there’s another vehicle in your blind spot to make you more aware of your surroundings, which is especially important on a motorcycle.

Front radar is for something a little more sophisticated. It would sense vehicles in front of your bike to manage adaptive cruise control. Adaptive cruise control is great not only for safety reasons, but for convenience and ease of riding, especially in heavy traffic. A Ducati with adaptive cruise control will be a dream come true for hardcore two-wheeled commuters.

This isn’t the first step in Ducati’s 2025 Safety Roadmap plan. Ducati recently extended the innovative Bosch ABS Cornering system to the entire product range. This safety tech has been available on high-end Ducati’s for a while, but now that it’s available on the new Scrambler 1100, you can get something from every facet of the Ducati range with ABS Cornering.

Obviously, your riding style and the safety gear that you wear are huge factors in keeping yourself safe on a motorcycle. But any way the bike itself can help out technologically is a big bonus. We’re looking forward to whatever else Ducati has planned for its 2025 Safety Roadmap.