Step22’s New Off-Road and Moto Bags Look Tight

When headed down the road less traveled, pack the smart way— and help some endangered species at the same time.

byJonathon Klein|
Step22’s New Off-Road and Moto Bags Look Tight

Packing anything into the backcountry or for an adventure can be challenging. Not because you don't have room but because the rigors of such off-road trips can turn normal luggage, backpacks, and bags into shredded wheat. Step22, an outdoor gear manufacturer, aims to keep your wheat intact with its all-new Tamrin Trunk and Rhino Rig-A-Maroll bags and do so while supporting good causes.

Anyone who's been car or motorcycle camping or gone off-roading will tell you that dirt, dust, mud, and more can gum up zippers and openings, while water can penetrate normal canvas and waterlog the contents within. Everyday bags just won't cut it, and that's where Step22's offerings come in.

The larger of the two new offerings is the company's Tamrin Trunk, a bag that's 24 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 8 inches high. It's designed for those spaces where square dimensions just won't work and features heavy-duty reinforced bar tacks and zipper as well as a coated fabric to ensure all your belongs stay moisture free. The bag has an 18.5-liter capacity and, according to the company, is designed to fit all your longer gear, including synthetic winch ropes, pry bars, camera gear, and more.

What I'm really interested in is the Rhino Rig-A-Maroll. While not specifically a motorcycle gear bag, Step22 shows how you can fit a helmet, off-road boots, and more in its 67-liter cavity. It's more rugged than the Tamrin Trunk, featuring coated fabric on the roll, sturdier zippers and fabric for the main body, MIL-spec webbing, and a rigid foam base to keep things sturdy. The webbing allows for attachment either inside or outside your rig, as well as behind you on a motorcycle, and ensures your cargo doesn't roll around.

As a cherry on top, 1 percent of the total price of each sale helps support two worthy causes: Proyecto Tití, which supports the preservation of the cotton-top tamrin, and the Rhino Recovery Fund. Both are endangered species and face issues around their ecosystems. Step22 also donates 1 percent of each sale on every product it makes to 1 Percent for the Planet, a global environmental charity that helps support endangered animals, ecosystem conservation, and more. So, not only are you getting a great off-road bag, you're helping to ensure that future generations can enjoy those same outdoors too.

The Tamrin Trunk is currently priced at $90, while the Rhino Rig-A-Maroll will set you back $125. What do you think? Ready to upgrade your off-road kit?