Seiko’s New 5 Sports Super Cub Watches Are Made for Gearheads

The attention to detail is astounding, and nothing less than this Japanese icon deserves.
Seiko 5 sports Super Cub
The Drive - Robert Bacon

Honda’s Super Cub is a small, simple, reliable motorcycle. On paper, its parts and specs don’t amount to much, so when Honda’s engineers sent the first batch out in 1958, they probably weren’t expecting it to become the best-selling vehicle of all time. Yet, the company produced more than 100 million units in less than 60 years. Thanks in part to the bike’s low price and bullet-proof design, it became the backbone of transportation in some countries, and it continues to age with grace. 

Now you can celebrate one of the most iconic motorcycles ever produced by picking up a Seiko 5 Sports Super Cub (SRPJ49) limited edition watch this November. The 5 Sports is perhaps the best watch to play host to a Super Cub tribute, as it’s sometimes referred to as the most mundane entry-level Seiko. But it’s a watch that’s more than the sum of its parts and one of the company’s best-selling models. Sound familiar?

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Every detail of this watch is designed to embody the Super Cub, and it all starts with the dial. It looks like the silhouette of the Super Cub, as you’d see it from the front, and the indexes represent the headlights and blinkers. Surrounding the face is a unidirectional rotating bezel. Look more closely, and you’ll see a fuel gauge engraved on the surface of the crown.

This model’s back is equally as impressive as its face. Here you’ll find a red-colored window that bears the Super Cub emblem and the words “Limited Edition”, along with the serial number. Seiko will make 6,000 of these watches and 5,000 of another gray and black version called the SRPJ75, which will launch in February 2023. Both versions come in a special box that features the Super Cub logo and color design.

The celebration of this iconic motorcycle never seems to end, and you’ll find more Super Cub and Honda logos on the green and cream nylon strap. The SRPJ49 will retail for around $400, and the SRPJ75 will cost about $40 more. That’s not much more than your average Seiko 5, at least when it’s not on sale. But if you like the style of these watches and they’re priced out of your budget, consider the Seiko 5 Stainless Steel Watch or 5 Nylon Strap. Let us know if you’ll celebrate the motorcycle that’s undoubtedly covered the most miles in history with a new watch from Seiko.

The Drive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links. Read more.

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