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Motul’s New 8100 Power Oils Aims to Bring Track Performance to the Street

As oil technology advances, you have to compromise less.

byHank O'Hop|
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Life is all about compromise, right? No one knows that better than performance junkies. While we all want race cars serving as daily drivers, we're forced to dial back our list of mods in favor of reliability, comfort, and longevity. Still, the things we do to our engines put a lot of strain on the oil we’re running. And since oil is the lifeblood of an engine, gearheads are always looking for the best possible choice for their intended use. Knowing modders shouldn’t be faced with choosing between a street oil and full-on race oil, Motul aims to answer the call of duty once again with its new line of 8100 Power motor oil. 

It’s no secret that what works for the track doesn't necessarily bode well for the street. Sure, your slicks, stiff suspension, and track tune might be fun to rip around town from time to time, but you're asking for trouble when you try to do it on a daily basis. That's because, while those components work together to do one thing very well. They can't, nor are they designed to, handle the broad spectrum of challenges a daily driver contends with under normal driving conditions. That goes for the oil, too. 

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Race oils are fantastic at keeping things lubricated under very specific circumstances. The additive packs they’re working with help them provide excellent resistance to high heat and shear forces posed by high-RPM engine operation. They aren't the right fit for a daily driver outfitted with emissions equipment, operating where conditions are as unpredictable as the variable rev ranges they turn. That said, oil blends intended for daily use aren’t always brewed up with the stresses of high-performance modifications or hard driving in mind, either. Those stiffer valve springs, increased boost, and lead foot give regular street oils more than a little bit of a workout.

Motul's 8100 Power line is an addition to the already long-standing 8100 series of motor oils that's aimed directly at performance street engines. Its specialized additive pack allows it to exist somewhere between the remainder of Motul’s 8100 line, and 300V line of racing oils. It will handle the challenges of low-speed detonation and the abuse of high revs, remain stable under varying conditions and maintain regular service intervals. For all intents and purposes, it’s designed to act as a normal oil would in a daily driver, without crumbling in the face of adversity that a performance engine tosses at it. 

This isn't just for a select type of engine either. Motul's 8100 Power line will work with both gas and diesel applications, turbocharged or naturally aspirated, alongside engines working with E85 and E100, liquefied petroleum gas, and compressed natural gas. It is available in four total viscosities — 0W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, and 5W-50

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