Fox Shocks Is Adding Smart Tech to the RZR Pro R

New suspension makes adjustments in real time to smooth out even the wildest off-road adventure.
Polaris RZR PRO R

You thought UTVs were ridiculous before? Fox Racing Shocks partnered with Polaris to equip the RZR Pro R with a smart suspension system it’s calling “the most innovative and intuitive off-road suspension on the market.” 

Smart suspensions aren’t exactly new to the industry as a whole, but Fox says this is the only smart system on the market that can independently adjust compression and rebound. The Dynamix DV suspension is a smart system that’s designed to gather data 200 times a second to adjust to create the perfect ride.

The team behind the Dynamix DV suspension created hardware and a control system that balances performance and comfort while tackling rugged trails in the only way you should with a 225-horsepower machine. As you blast along, it makes adjustments to prevent bottoming out and will soften up to keep your spine intact in other situations. Whether you’re cruising around the property, dashing over rough terrain, or taking flight, the Dynamix DV suspension will set itself accordingly.

What do you think the debut of this smart system means for the off-road industry as a whole? Be sure to let us know in the comments.