The Match Set: Twin Symbols of Status

An iconic high school jacket and a totem of middle-age.

byBen Keeshin|
The Match Set: Twin Symbols of Status


Roots X Pendleton

What good is an accomplishment if no one knows about it? Is one supposed to bask only in self-satisfaction, be edified only by a quiet pride? No. Heavens, no. Human achievement should be rewarded with public praise, bombastic announcements and, if feasible, a ticker-tape parade. Or, on a smaller scale, might we recommend a status symbol?

Like, say, a Varsity Jacket—sartorial shorthand for who’s coordinated and cool in high school. A Varsity Jacket marks a jock, and also serves as a transferable trophy and light bribe in the profound world of teenage dating. Chad has a Varsity Jacket, so he’s cool. Minnie’s dad is a successful Outback Steakhouse franchisee, so she’s rich, and pretty, too. If they date, Minnie can wear Chad’s jacket, and compound her coolness, while Chad can smirk with pride at his popular girlfriend wearing the token he earned with his athleticism. This Roots X Pendleton Varsity Jacket recalls that fun juvenile caste system, with an awesome, Navajo-esque geometric weave from the 150 year-old, Oregon-based wool mill.

gullwing motors

Or, say your tastes for public admiration run older. You’ve gotten a big promotion, a new hairpiece, or a divorce. Why not cap things off with the a classic Flashy Red Convertible, perfect for driving the babysitter home in while making her uncomfortable with your blue humor. This 1980 Aston Martin V8 Volante is one of the marque’s most handsome and aggressive shapes and its burly V8, replete with shouty exhaust, should be able to put miles and miles between you and your fears of mediocrity.