Let’s Make This LEGO Dodge Viper a Reality

All it takes is some faith—and 9,000+ signatures.

byWill Sabel Courtney| PUBLISHED Mar 14, 2016 7:04 PM
Let’s Make This LEGO Dodge Viper a Reality

Flip through the LEGO catalog and you'll find model kits for a metric shit-ton of exotic vehicles. A Ferrari F40A Le Mans prototypeThe Millennium Falcon. But you can flip through it from start to finish and back again and you still won't find a Dodge Viper.

One bold LEGO maniac is looking to fix that. We believe him to be a 39-year-old named Ben P. Smith, largely based on the fact that his username on the LEGO website is BenPSmith1977. But whatever his name might be, he's done something remarkable: He's created a prototype for a LEGO kit for the second-generation Dodge Viper. And now he's trying to drum up enough support to convince LEGO to sell it.

According to the prototype's page on the LEGO Ideas site—a section of the LEGO site where people can submit their designs for kits they think the company should make—BenPSmith1977's model of the 1996–2002 Dodge Viper consists of roughly 2,000 pieces and took him around 13 weeks to complete. He used two Ferrari F40 kits as the basis for the Viper project, building the car out from the back end forwards. The result may not be a perfect doppleganger for the second-gen serpent, but it certainly captures its essence, all the way down to those stupid round gauges stretching across the dash.

In order to be approved for mini plastic brick-based production, the Viper kit needs 10,000 supporters on the LEGO Ideas site. As of this writing, it has 290. That said, BenPSmith1977 has until December 7 to harvest enough digital signatures to send the car to the LEGO Review board, who make the final decision as to whether or not the kit will enter production. So if you have even the smallest bit of love for LEGOs (or Dodge Vipers) in your heart, sign the petition. If FCA kills the actual Viper, this may wind up being all we have to console ourselves with.