Pininfarina’s ‘New Energy Propulsion’ H600 Concept to Debut at Geneva Motor Show

The legendary coachbuilder will unveil an “eco-sustainable luxury sedan” on behalf of a Hong Kong-based electric motor company.

byJosh Condon|
Pininfarina’s ‘New Energy Propulsion’ H600 Concept to Debut at Geneva Motor Show

A New Style From the Italian Design Legend

Pininfarina, the famed Italian coachbuilder behind some of the most beautiful Ferraris, Alfa Romeos, and Maseratis ever made, is currently at work on a hybrid vehicle called the H600, to be unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show in March.

We don't know much about the car—the only released image is the one above—except for its debut date (March 7, 2017) and that it will be, according to Pininfarina's website, "a luxury sedan concept with new energy propulsion which is both elegant and comfortable, a perfect combination of pure design and eco-friendly technology." The H600 is being built for Hong Kong-based company Hybrid Kinetic Group. A bit about the company, according to Reuters:

Hybrid Kinetic Group Limited is a Hong Kong-based company principally engaged in the electric motor vehicles business, including electric buses, engines and related battery cells. The Company is also engaged in the promotion of new energy projects, including the development of key new energy automobile components and the production of single and few-layer grapheme. The Company operates through two business segments: the development of advanced batteries materials segment and the development of high-tech electric motor vehicles segment. Through its subsidiaries, The Company is also involved in the investment holding business, as well as the provision of finance lease services.


Anything new from Pininfarina is going to get our attention—though, if we're being honest, that rear decklid looks a lot like the new Lincoln MKZ. More details to be revealed in the next few days, or so says the website.

The rear view of the Lincoln MKZ., Getty