Design: China Is Building A Terrifyingly High Glass Bridge

If you're afraid of heights, don't watch.

Today is design we take a look at the impressive, yet terrifying Zhangjiajie (Jung Jia Chee) Grand Canyon Glass Bridge. This massive engineering feat allows guests to walk across the bridge’s 1,400 foot span across the Tianmenshan National Forest Park in China. If heights aren’t your thing, we recommend you steer clear of this attraction as it’s highest point towers 985 feet above the forest floor. In order to reduce vibrations along the bridge, 70 glass balls, each wearing 1,650 pounds help reduce vibrations and keep the brave guests happy. When at full capacity, the bridge is able to hold up to 800 guests, which amounts to one guest every 35 square feet. Although we think this is an awesome way to view the beautiful the national forest park, we will happily sit this one out. For people braver than us, expect the bridge to open in the next couple months.