Design: The Instantly Iconic London Eye

Not your average carnival ride.

Today in design we go for a ride on the iconic London Eye. Standing 443 feet tall, the giant Ferris wheel is the ideal way to soak up the London skyline. Rather than being constricted to one vantage point of a traditional observatory, the London Eye allows its passengers to check out the sites from multiple angles. Erected in 1999, the London Eye held a brief stint as the world’s tallest ferris wheel. Constructed in sections, the structured was floated up the River Thames and slowly put together piece by piece. With an impressive diameter of 394 feet, the wheel is home to 32 climate-controlled capsules that can hold up to 25 people each. One rotation takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, allowing all 3.75 million annual visitors to take their time as the survey the United Kingdom. If exclusivity is more your style, you can rent out a capsule for private events, engagements, or the ultimate dinner party. Although the London Eye is no longer a record holder, it has solidified itself as an icon of the London skyline.