Could This Ultima GTR Be The Ultimate Track Toy?

712 horsepower and just 2,200 pounds makes for a real riot.

byCaleb Jacobs|
For Sale photo

If you've got the means and eclectic taste, this Ultima GTR could be your track-day world-beater. Thanks to its lightweight and high power output, the boutique auto could launch you past every Porsche and Ferrari within half a million dollars of the GTR's price. It's rare that you find one of these for sale, let alone an example with only around 650 miles like this, and it's ready to be put through its paces at your local circuit. 

With a massively powerful American Speed LS7 driving the rear wheels, it'd be an understatement to call the GTR a handful. However, if you've got the expertise to tame it, the Ultima has the potential to be overwhelmingly rewarding as it features a host of real racecar parts and tidbits. A Porsche G50/03 5-speed gearbox provides a notchy feel and has a taller fifth gear for the long straights while providing a true motorsport experience. Dry-sump lubrication and extensive cooling hardware keeps the powertrain running smoothly during hot-laps as well.

The chassis may be the only thing that could overshadow the drivetrain. An intricately designed steel frame provides rigidity and strength for massive Gs, further supporting its racing background. It's a product of the Ultima Evolution model, which is said to be a large improvement over the original GTR chassis. The suspension system is composed of unequal length wishbones with spherical joints, helping the slot car handle bumps and crests without being too harsh.

The feather-light three piece wheels are wrapped in Pirelli P Zero tires measuring 335/30 in the rear and 235/35 up front, providing plenty of grip. AP Racing Big Brakes and Brembo calipers are tucked inside and give the Ultima its fair share of bite to allow for late braking and maximum composure in the turns.

Bring a Trailer

The Bring a Trailer listing includes a gallery with 350+ pictures documenting the GTR in its entirety. From bare frame to finished project, this ad covers all the info right off the bat. Dyno sheets and various literature is included with the sale, so make sure to check it all out to get the whole story on this exclusive racer.

Bidding is currently at $75,500 at the time of posting and the auction ends on April 28th.